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Getting started with Mail Relay


Welcome to Privacy Portal! You can start using Mail Relay to protect your email privacy.

Personal Email Addresses

The email address you provide when signing up to Privacy Portal is your “Primary Email Address”. By default, Mail Relay forwards all inbound mail to this address. This means, on a daily basis, you can simply use your favorite Mail client to receive and respond to emails privately relayed by Mail Relay.

With Enhanced Protection, you can add 4 additional personal emails to your account.

Privacy Aliases

Mail Relay allows you to create “Privacy Aliases”. These are generated and unique email addresses that forward mail to your personal addresses. Privacy Aliases allow you to keep your Personal Email Address hidden from websites, newsletters, and third parties.

Privacy Aliases can be deactivated at any time allowing you to easily stop receiving mail from unwanted senders.

With Basic Protection, you can create up to 20 Privacy Aliases free of charge. Upgrading to Enhanced Protection allows you to create an unlimited number of Privacy Aliases with additional functionality such as encryption.

Start Receiving Mail

Whenever you need to provide your email address online, you can simply open Mail Relay, create a new Privacy Alias, label it with a memorable name and use it instead of your Personal Email Address. Emails sent to you will get forwarded to your Personal Email Address, this means you can continue using your favorite email client as you always did.

By doing this simple step, you improve your online security and protect your privacy at the same time. learn more

Email Encryption

With Enhanced Protection, you can hide the contents of your emails from your email provider. Mail Relay can encrypt all inbound mail before relaying it to your email provider. Only you can decrypt these emails on-device. Your email provider will no longer be able to mine your data to target you with advertisement and sell your personal information to data brokers.

Email Replies

Enhanced Protection allows you to reply to any email received through Mail Relay. Simply reply to the email from your email client and Mail Relay takes care of routing it to the correct destination. Mail Relay also provides you with Metadata Leak Protection to ensure your personal information doesn’t get leaked to the recipient. This includes your IP address, device information, personal address, and much more…

If you have encryption enabled, you can encrypt the replies and Mail Relay will take care of decrypting them before relaying them to the destination. Your email provider will no longer be able to access the contents of your outbound mail.

Sending Outbound Mail

Enhanced Protection also enables you to initiate email threads with new recipients. From the Mail Relay app, select the Privacy Alias you wish to send the email from (or create a new one). Tap on “Send Outbound Mail”, enter the recipient address and tap on “Start Email Thread”. Soon after, you will receive an email in your inbox sent on behalf of your recipient. You can simply reply to that email and your reply will be privately routed to the recipient.