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How to create your first Privacy Alias


Create a Privacy Alias from the Web App

You can easily create a new Privacy Alias like the following:

  1. Go to the Mail Relay Page
  2. Press on “New Alias”
  3. Enter a label to easily identify this new address
  4. Press on “Create Alias”

Now that your new Privacy Alias is created, you can start receiving emails on this address. Any email sent to this address will get relayed to your personal email address.

Create a Privacy Alias from the browser

If you install the Privacy Portal web app on your device, depending on the operating system you will have additional ways to create new addresses. For example, on Android, you can quickly create a new Privacy Alias while browsing the web:

  1. From any page in your browser where you need to create a new Privacy Alias, share the webpage by tapping on your browser’s “Share…” button.
  2. Select the “Privacy Portal” app as your sharing destination. This should open the Privacy Portal app and prefill the “label” for you.
  3. Edit the label and note to your liking, then “Create” the new Privacy Alias. The new address should automatically be added to your clipboard and ready to use.

Create a Privacy Alias from your email client

You can also create Privacy Aliases directly from your email client.

  1. Create a new email draft to ”[email protected]” from your registered personal email address.
  2. Anything you write in the subject field will be used to label your new Privacy Alias.
  3. Once sent, you will receive a confirmation email from Mail Relay with information about your newly created “Privacy Alias”.